Open Up and Say Ahhh to a Healthy Savings Plan

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November is the month when we get a good sense of how well we’ve done in terms of our yearly spending.  The time when we get a snapshot of our financial health.  In January, we make resolutions to save money, curb our spending, lose weight or make other declarations that may or may not happen by year’s end.  With our finances, we usually have only a finite amount of money coming in per month or week, so we must work with what we’ve got, and budget for our regular expenses, while trying to set aside enough for the occasional emergency or impulse buy.  Hopefully, when the holidays roll around, we’re in a better position to buy all the gifts our family and friends have hinted they want.  Otherwise, we tend to pull out the plastic and ramp up more debt while still paying interest on last year’s purchases.

If you use money saving Groupons as part of your holiday spending routine, you’ll soon see the advantage of shopping online with the codes they post on their website each day.  They are good for everything from toys and decorations to holiday vacations thousands of miles away.  For example, boots and shoes are always popular gifts, and Aldo’s has some of the hottest styles this season that anyone would be happy to find under their tree.  They have styles for women and men with plenty of items to choose from.  With a Groupon good for 50% off sale styles, you could get twice the number of gifts and be done in half the time because you only have to point and click your way through the purchase which you can do on your smart phone.

 Groupon teamed up with thousands of retailers to offer tons of items at deeply discounted prices, and offer exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else.  If you need it, there’s probably a Groupon discount available for it, and the smart shopper searches Groupon first.

If you think about all the companies who offer delivery of goods and services, you could stock your house, cook your meals, buy your car and build a house without going into a store.  No one wants to live in that kind of a world except a hermit, but you get the point.  You choose how much time you want to spend in traffic going from store to store.  It’s less stressful to shop these days if you delegate a healthy percentage of it to online shopping.

Saving money should be a priority every day of the year.  If you make Groupon part of your savings plan, by next November your financial health will be the best it’s ever been.