Best Religare health insurance plans

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The most important aspect of a person’s happy and successful life is health. You can only taste the true flavor of life if you possess a good health. However, there will always come a time in your life when the control of your health is not in your own hands. At times like these, you need to be assured of the fact that the cost of your medical treatment does not leave you with any more trouble. At Religare Health Insurance, you are assured that whenever you are trapped in a ditch of health expenses, there is always a hand that will pull you out. They make sure that all you focus in times like these is to recover and the burden of all your expenses is left for them to carry. The company’s policy is committed to safeguarding you and your family against financial risks arising from such medical emergencies.

Religare Health Insurance 2018

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited has always been a well-known health insurer who has been engaged in the servicing and distribution of health insurance products. Religare Enterprises Limited are the main owners of this health insurance company, which is a leading diversified financial services group based out of India; its other shareholders include Corporation Bank and Union Bank of India.

Religare is promoted by the people who also founded Fortis Healthcare, along with SRL diagnostics which is India’s largest diagnostics company and Fortis health world chain of pharmacy and wellness stores.

They hold their expertise in the network of financial services, healthcare delivery and preventive health solutions along with a robust distribution model. In a business environment that is driven by serviceability and scale, they offer a unique edge to deliver and excel in a business environment.


  • Religare Health Insurance Company delivers solutions that are beneficial to all their stakeholders: their customers, their distributors, their employees and their shareholders.
  • They always tend to ensure that each and every part of the society irrespective are benefitted from their propositions and developments.
  • They have set their standards very high and always tend to break it. They want to become an exemplary health insurance company. They have set up high benchmarks in all fields be it customer satisfaction, communication clarity, product offering, customer care along with customer treatment and engagement.
  • They go an extra mile by ensuring good health of their employees so that they provide leading solutions to employers.
  • They want to build up a system where they can ensure that both their services and their relationships hold value for a lifetime. They give proper guidance to their customers in addressing their health needs.
  • They want to build up profitable and enduring relationships with their distribution partners and agents who are equally responsible in carrying ahead their goals and ambitions.
  • Religare Health Insurance Company wants to become the most preferred health service provider which is reachable, caring, innovative and most importantly cost effective.

Steps you need to follow to purchase Health Insurance

Looking to buy a health insurance policy? Here’s a 5-step formula for choosing the right plan customized just as per your needs:

  1. Know your needs

Ascertain your policy requirement and choose a plan in sync with it. You know that your healthcare requirements are obviously different from that of your neighbours.

  1. Compare premium and plans

Compare the prices and features and the total coverage that is provided. It is advised not to buy a high-end cover merely to avail tax benefits.

  1. Research Insurer

The number of years a company has been into providing health care services and how it dealt with previous claim settlements is worth considering.

  1. Verify Network Hospitals

Always make sure that your preferred hospital is included in the insurer’s list of network hospitals. Always look for hospitals in the vicinity of your home, so that if there is an emergency the patient can be taken for treatment as soon as possible.

  1. Restore

Under this policy, if a customer exhausts the sum insured during the year, it is automatically restored and renewed, so that if your claim expenses are finished well within the year, you can still avail best medical facilities.

So, what are you waiting for now? Follow the above step by step guide and get yourself a great health insurance on It is important for you to choose the right insurance, at the right time and in the right amount. There will be tons of insurances, so choose wisely.