A Look at the Best Places in the UK for Commercial Property Investments

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When it comes to property investment, the UK has a lot to offer – and it’s not just the area of London which has a lot of potential. There are other areas which are on the rise, and it makes complete sense to invest in commercial property in these areas in today’s real estate marketplace. So, what should you know about commercial property investment in the UK for 2018? If you’re interested in investing in property, here’s a look at the best places in the UK for commercial property investments.

  • Luton

Luton now holds top spot when it comes to commercial property investments, especially buy to let investments. Since the area of Luton is filled with students and university professors and employees, it offers high yields in commercial real estate investments, particularly in student rentals.

  • Colchester

Another key area for commercial real estate property investment is Colchester. In fact, it is second only to Luton when it comes to property investment, with its market which has recorded the highest capital gains in recent times. Colchester boasts of regular transport connections to London, and it is home to the famous University of Essex, and this has all contributed to its consistent growth.

  • Mancheste

Manchester is an area which has always been popular when it comes to real estate investments, but it is even more popular today. The rental sector in the Manchester area is thriving, and this has resulted in tremendous yield for its residential property sector. Another factor which contributes to Manchester’s growth as a property area is its 3 universities, with students making up about 15% of the population of the area. It certainly helps that Manchester is considered one of the major university areas of the UK.

  • Hull

Hull is another area which has secured a place in the top locations for commercial property investments, especially buy to let investments. This city in the northern part of England earned the accolade ‘UK’s City of Culture’ for the year 2017, and it has shown a substantial increase in the growth value of rentals, which supports a market that continues to experience robust growth in capital markets as well.

Other markets on the rise

There are other areas in the North which are now offering better alternatives or options compared to the South East, especially in regard to yields. One such area is Leeds, which has shown a strong growth in rentals, and another area is Liverpool, which now offers substantial yields to investors in buy to let property.

Other notable markets for commercial property investments include areas in the Midlands such as Nottingham, Northampton, and Birmingham, as confirmed by the experienced property consultants at Gerald Eve International Property.

It is also important to note, however, that there are areas which may not present such lucrative commercial property (especially buy to let property) investments. These include areas such as Sunderland, West London, Cleveland, Plymouth, Durham, and North West London.

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